Clarance Edward Henson Jr. (“Ed”) has been active in the broadcast industry for approximately thirty-eight years. Since September, 1990, Mr. Henson has operated his own media brokerage and valuation firm, Henson Media, Inc. He has been the media broker on the sale of over fifty different transactions involving numerous radio stations. While the company’s primary geographic focus is Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia, Henson Media has done work in a variety of states. Henson Media has done work in a wide variety of market sizes, from small towns in rural areas, to medium markets, to high powered stations in top fifty markets. Likewise, the company has worked with some of the largest radio companies in the country as well as single station owner/operators.

Since beginning his firm, Mr. Henson has also undertaken numerous broadcast valuations for radio, television, and low power television stations. These valuations have been used for a variety of purposes, including by financial institutions to determine the value of security; by sellers and buyers to determine the price of a station; in divorce settlements; and justcougars.com by partners wishing to buy out other shareholders and desiring to place an accurate value on the stock.

From 1972 through 1976 Mr. Henson was Vice-President and from 1976 through 1988 he was President of Henson Broadcasting Company, Inc., a family owned radio station group with headquarters in Louisville, KY. Henson Broadcasting owned and operated radio stations WAVG-AM and WLRS-FM in Louisville, KY; KISO-AM and KLOZ-FM in El Paso, TX; WXVW-AM in Jeffersonville, IN (Louisville market); and WORX-AM and WORX-FM in Madison, IN. While in that position Mr. Henson negotiated several station transactions on behalf of the company. During much of that time, he also served as General Manager of WAVG-AM and was active in the management of WLRS-FM. Mr. Henson currently is the owner of WMSK-FM and WMSK-AM serving Morganfield, Sturgis and northwestern Kentucky and of WSON-AM, serving Henderson, Kentucky. He also owns a FM translator station that simulcasts the signal of WSON-AM.

During his career, Mr. Henson has served as President of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, President of the Louisville Area Radio Stations and Secretary/Treasurer of the NBC Radio Network Affiliates Executive Committee. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association for numerous years. He graduated in 1973 from the Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. degree and in 1975 earned a FCC First Class Radio Engineer’s license. Mr. Henson is a recipient of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association’s Kentucky Mike Award for outstanding contribution to the broadcast industry in Kentucky. He is a member of the National Association of Media Brokers. He is married, has three grown children, is a sports enthusiast and is active in community and religious activities.

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