Henson Media helps clients in the buying and selling of radio and television stations, working with buyers/sellers from the beginning of the process through closing.


Henson Media can help provide broadcast valuations, which include analysis of the station’s finances, assets, comparable sales, etc.


Henson Media owns and operates three stations in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Stations Include WMSK-FM and WMSK-AM as well as WSON-AM.

Welcome to Henson Media:

Whether, you’re looking to sell after owning and operating a station for many years, want to add or subtract from your group of stations, or are looking to get into ownership, Henson Media can help. While the primary focus of Henson Media has been in the upper South and Midwest, the company has worked with clients throughout the country. Ed Henson draws on his extensive background of working in the broadcasting business for over thirty-eight years. He has been an owner and operator of stations in small towns and in a top fifty market. He knows what it’s like to meet a payroll and to pay-off debt, and also understands first hand the challenges faced by owners and operators. He also appreciates the importance of confidentiality throughout the process of buying and selling. Henson Media was formed in 1990 by Ed Henson and has its primary corporate office in Louisville, KY. Being a long time runner, Ed understand you don’t quit until you cross the finish line and the job is done.

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The Key to the Radio Business

Radio is a fixed cost business. The last 25% of a station’s sales ...

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