If you’re looking to sell a station, Ed Henson would be glad to meet with you, give advice as to the timing of the sale, discuss important terms and conditions that could affect your decision, explore ways to increase your station’s value, and advise you as to pricing. If you decided to list your station with Henson Media, an extensive presentation is prepared and prospective buyers are then identified and contacted. You will be kept updated throughout the process.

Ed will use his experience in helping to negotiate the basic terms of the sale, finalizing the contract and getting the sale closed. Even though, a person may have long experience in the broadcasting field, selling their station can be a new experience, requiring different skills and knowledge. Ed realizes his job isn’t done until the buyer’s check is cleared and sitting in the seller’s account. Having been a seller, he understands the importance of confidentiality and treating the staff fairly and with respect.

If you’re looking to buy a station, Ed Henson would be glad to discuss with you market conditions, financing opportunities, trends in the business and possible acquisition targets. After a representation agreement is signed, he will contact prospective sellers for you and help negotiate the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement. With his knowledge of the industry and various markets, as well as the history and current state of trading, Ed is in a position to advise you on pricing and structure of any deal you might decide to pursue. If desired, he would accompany you on station visits and assist in the due diligence process. Again, Ed realizes his job isn’t done until the sale is approved and closed, and you’re operating the station.

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